About the studio

Jennifer's Studio

Jennifer's art studio is located inside her home, and filled with faery collectibles, offerings, and gardens... as well as a large amount of Star Wars and Captain America memorabilia, her guitars, and a very unhealthy amount of art books and supplies. She steadfastly maintains that she is not a hoarder, simply a collector.

Lavender Cove

 Jennifer discovered Lavender Cove when she accidentally stepped into a mushroom circle while walking her dog, Dexter. Luckily, she was quickly welcomed by the Cove’s magical residents after sharing her candy bar with the faeries. Soon after, she made a contract with the goblins that gave her permission to draw and paint them... but no one is quite sure how valid it is, since the goblins were so hyped up on the energy drink offering. None of them could agree who the rightful Goblin King really was, especially since none of them had ever met David Bowie.

The other creatures that live in Lavender Cove have always been welcoming, albeit mischievous. Jennifer has often been ridiculed by the mermaids due to her synthetic tail, but she hasn't been drowned yet (much to her relief).